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I am Arno van der Poel  a landscape photographer born in 1978 in Zaandam. in the netherlands I have been photographing since my childhood, and I started working on it fanatically 3 years ago. In the meantime I have won several prizes with my photos and these have been confirmations for me that I am good at what I like to do most, namely making beautiful pictures.

Translating a feeling or an emotion to a landscape photo is very important, I love to hear how others experience my photos.


I love animals, the facial expression of an animal speaks volumes, but I have also recently taken on assignments to take portrait photos of people, 1 of which has even received an award from the public jury. I would also love to get an assignment where I can combine both.

Maybe a picture of you with your favorite pet?

Arno fotografeert een vos.
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